prism #25.13: 'Stacking' by Marieke Gelissen

by Marieke Gelissen 

An art magazine, a lifestyle magazine, a photo magazine... Marieke handles any magazine as material: a collection of paper pages, filled with text, images and advertisements.

prism #25.12: 'Seeds From the Zoo' by Bryony Dunne

Seeds From the Zoo
by Bryony Dunne

“Documentation — or even a contemplative pursuit — is met with a degree of antagonism where public space is almost inaccessible in Cairo. The clamor of the streets have become perpetual and monumental, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to be present as a recorder of things.”  (Sara El Adl, Curator of Townhouse Gallery, Cairo.)

prism #25.11: 'Soffice' by Chiara Salvi

by Chiara Salvi 

Soffice analyses artist sister’s knee injury and her wounds both scientifically and emphatically. It explores faulty physique, healing process and rehabilitation.

prism #25.10: 'Hidden Dimensions' by Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions
by Anna Yeroshenko

Hidden Dimensions is a series of images of architecture converted into photographic sculptures. This work serves to transform the viewer’s vision of what otherwise would be unnoticed, ordinary buildings. While the urban development shortens the lifespan of contemporary architecture, these utilitarian structures on the outskirts of cities seem to endure the time. 

prism #25.9: 'Autobahn der Freiheit' by Mateusz Skóra

Autobahn der Freiheit / Motorway of Freedom
by Mateusz Skóra
Images and Text: Mateusz Skóra

Motorway of Freedom is the official name of the road that connects Berlin and Warsaw. It consists of two parts: the longer one cuts through almost the entire Poland, while the shorter section runs across eastern Germany. Physically, the whole road is nearly 600 km of concrete construction.

Are you ready for a 'Disclosure'? As Part of #SHOWMEYOURUFO Project

Exciting news! prism's chief editor, Karol Liver, is invited to co-curate #showmeyourufo, a larger project organised by Fresh From Poland, alongside with few other photographic initiatives, visual art curators and editors, with a mission to conduct a complex online/offline visual studies on UFO phenomena. What an amazing project to be part of! Submission call is now open!

International Open Call for the #SHOWMEYOURUFO Project

Are we alone? Are we being watched? Who created us and what is the purpose of our lives? Is there a God, or do we live in the Matrix? Or maybe we are just an outcome of the Aliens’ experiment? 

#SHOWMEYOURUFO is a new exciting project exploring the UFO phenomena - topic that  has always been mysterious and appealing to people around the world. Creators of the concept want to join forces with artists from all over the world to create an archive of contemporary visual representations related to UFO and alien conspiracy theories. Project, organized by Fresh From Poland in cooperation with Paper Beats Rock and FotoBzik, is an opportunity for artists to participate in an inspiring initiative  and to be displayed online and offline alongside participants from all over the world. 

URBAN2017 Photo Awards Submission Call is Now Open

Submission call for URBAN 2017 Photo Awards, International contest organized by Italian cultural association dotART together with media partners and Sprea Fotografia, is now open.

prism #25.8: 'Inner Self' by Anne-Sophie Guillet

Inner Self
by Anne-Sophie Guillet

In the image of the personalities they are trying to represent, in the image of the indecision and trouble which emanates from them, the portraits of Anne-Sophie Guillet try to achieve—with the greatest possible fidelity—the undefinable which lives within each subject. Subjects who, with all of the intermediary space-time between themselves and the photographer, agreed to pose.

prism #25.7: Susu Laroche's Film Stills

Susu Laroche's
film stills

Digital and hand printed 16mm stills of hand developed 16mm film, transferred to digital. Laroche works with hand developed analogue film from a studio/darkroom in London. She has been working with 16mm since 2010. 

These films portray peaks of melodrama in heightened emotional states during situations of crisis and conflict. Her work is mostly inspired by the writing of JG Ballard and Georges Bataille. 

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