prism #25.6: 'Disappearance' by Tomasz Laczny

by Tomasz Laczny

The feeling of loss and longing are the main theme of autobiographical photobook of Tomasz Laczny, who based his story on his own experiences while gradually losing the contact with his children after divorce. 

Tomasz Laczny guides the viewer through a dream world built of autobiographical and fictional elements. Composed with elements of joy, sadness, humor, melancholy and sometimes horror with expressionistic twist the author creates the world where issues of identity, belonging and connection are being questioned. 

prism #25.5: 'Wooden Box of Photographs' by Oksana Parafeniuk

Wooden Box of Photographs
by Oksana Parafeniuk

I open the big wooden box of old family photographs and carefully pick ones taken more than twenty years ago in the town of Korostyshiv, one hundred kilometers west from Kyiv, Ukraine. For me it is a place of very intimate family and memory attachment. My mother was born there. It has always been a place where our family members would gather, sit around the table and tell stories from our family history. Korostyshiv is where my roots are, where I spent a lot of time thinking about memory and connection to the place, and the importance of handing down family reminiscences and significant events from generation to generation.

prism #25.4: 'Trespassing' by Ole Brodersen

by Ole Brodersen

The forces of nature are natural phenomena always present in a landscape, beyond human control. Ole Brodersen‘s work is dedicated to unveiling this presence by exploring encounters between man-made objects and untouched nature. 

prism #25.3: 'Property of the New York Public Library Picture Collection' by Dana Stirling

Property of the New York Public Library Picture Collection
by Dana Stirling

The New York Public Library Picture Collection caches over one million original prints, photos, posters, graphics, magazines, illustrations and texts sorted into thousands of binders, each with a specific category and subject. One binder, “UFOs”, claims to hold and archive our cultural interest in the existence of extraterrestrial life. A binder that was composed into this book. 

prism #25.2: 'Paracosm' by Annie Briard

by Annie Briard

In the not so distant past, there was a beautifully poetic vision theory that proclaimed the eye to contain a small crystal, carefully shaping the light so that it may bring us illumination.

Much is still left to our imagination when determining what we see. Our vision captures as well creates, fills-in or otherwise completes what we perceive; one need only look for the blind spots in the center of the sightline. Like crystals, our eyes mediate light and what we see.

prism #25.1: 'Lost Place' by Kamil Sleszynski

Lost Place
by Kamil Sleszynski

‘Lost Place’ tells the story about Metanoia, the Catholic Center for Education and Addiction Therapy. The facility helps young people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Located in the Knyszynska Forest in Poland, it occupies the former administration building Agroma factories which, in the past, produced agricultural machinery, home appliances, and likely also weapons.

URBAN2017 International Photo Award's Call for Submission and Jury Panel Announced

URBAN 2017 Photo Awards, international contest organized by Italian cultural association dotART together with media partners and Sprea Fotografia, will accept entries from Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.

Now in its eighth edition, URBAN sees every year thousands of participating pictures and hundreds of participants from all over the world. It is an always growing international contest, one of the very few that goes "over the boundaries" of Internet offering to photographers real visibility through dozens of international photo exhibitions. Only in 2016 URBAN realized 32 exhibitions displaying about 700 pictures. Behind it all, there is always the pursue of enhancement of photographic talent and quality.

prism #25 : GHOST #1

prism Gets New Spectral Clothes
A Letter From the Editor
Edited by Karol Liver

Hello there. Karol Liver here, prism's father and main editor. Who said changes aren't good. They sure are, keeping your life in motion and providing you with new stimuli to boost your creative flux. I am currently on a Tour de Force around mother Gaia on a quest of self exploration and expansion and, as prism is my beloved offspring, my state of personal affairs and rather adventurous period of my life influence and also morph its shape into something new. To make things loud and clear and brief, prism is all well and alive, but getting new spectral clothes!

SO WHAT Group Show / 2-5 February 2017 / London, UK

Doomed Gallery Dalston is proud to present the third edition of SO WHAT that will focus on contemporary Polish still life photography. We have invited Fresh From Poland to co-curate the show alongside our curator Anna-Sophia John. This is the second issue of our So What x Poland show featuring an immersive piece by Magda Buczek. Since the first collaborative show in Krakow, exhibited as part of the Fringe Festival, the project has evolved through the exploration of photography’s contemporary still life scene. The gallery and photography platform Doomed has provided a playground for this ongoing discourse to flourish - encouraging an exchange with different countries and cultures.

SO WHAT Exhibition / 14-27 May 2016 / Krakow, Poland

While history painting is constructed around narrative, still life is the world minus its narratives or, better, the world minus its capacity for generating narrative interest. To narrate is to name what is unique: the singular actions of individual persons. And narrative works hard to explain why any particular story is worth narrating – because the actions in the story are heroic or wonderful, or frightening or ignoble, or cautionary or instructive. 
The whole principle of story-telling is jeopardized or paralyzed by the hearer’s objection: ‘so what?’ But still life loves the ‘so what?’ It exactly breaks with the narrative’s scale of human importance.  
Bryson, Norman. Looking At The Overlooked 

SO WHAT is concept conceived by the cutting edge London based contemporary photography Doomed Gallery, in collaboration with Fresh From Poland showing at i! Gallery in Krakow. SO WHAT premiered in London November 2015 at Doomed Gallery, where it was a raging success.

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